Daybreak IPA

Biotransformed IPA

Alcohol by volume: 6.0%
Volume: 473 mL
Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted rye, hops, sugar, barley, wheat, yeast

Fruit-forward, yet balanced, juicy but with a clean finish, we took everything we learned with the New Slang series and crafted an IPA in true Dageraad fashion – refined, even-tempered and a little nerdy. With thiolizing yeast, we are able to break down hop compounds left untouched by other strains, transforming them into bold tropical fruit notes that lend themselves incredibly well to IPAs. The big rush of fruit is then balanced with a touch of resinous West Coast hops and our signature dry finish for an IPA as Dageraad as any glass of dubbel or wit.


A strong, dark Belgian-style quadrupel brewed with unrefined sugars

New Slang 6

Biotransformed IPA with Sultana, Chinook & Citra


Dry Black Lager

Entropy Series


Belgian-style Strong Golden Ale

Daybreak IPA

Biotransformed IPA


Burnaby’s own Belgian-style table beer


Hoppy blonde ale with grapefruit peel


A complex, medium-dry blonde ale brewed with a secret blend of spices


A flavourful, balanced Belgian pale ale with an enticing aroma and a crisp finish


A Belgian abbey-style dubbel brewed with mission figs