Entropy Series

Our barrel program, Entropy Series, is an ever changing series of clean and mix-culture beers that have spent varying lengths in oak vessels.

Entropy Series No. 13  – Apricot Sour – A mixed culture ale aged with lactobacillus and brett for 8 months, then another 7 months on Naramata apricots, 6.1%

Entropy Series No. 12  – Old Bretts – A blend of blonde ales aged with brettanomyces for 13 months in red wine barrels, 7.9%

Entropy Series No. 11 – Whiskey Sour – Lemon saison aged four months in bourbon barrels, 7.0%

Entropy Series No. 10 –  Cuba Libre – Dark spiced Belgian-style ale aged in rum barrels, 6.5% abv

Entropy Series No. 9 – Gin & Juice – Table saison with lemon juice and zest, aged in a gin barrel, 5.0%

Entropy Series No. 8 – Gin barrel-aged Belgian-style table beer w/brett

Entropy Series No. 7 – Barrel-aged Brune, 8.0% abv.

Entropy Series No. 6 – Mixed-culture fermented Barrel-aged Belgian-style Blonde ale, 8.0% Feb. 10, 2018 (16 cases)

Gold – Belgian-Style Brett Beer – 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards

Entropy Series No. 5 – Gin barrel-aged Blonde IPA. 750mL bottle, 8.0% abv. Nov. 12, 2017. (19 cases)

Entropy Series No. 4 – Gin barrel-aged spiced farmhouse ale. 750mL bottle, 6.0% abv. Released Oct. 4, 2017. (19 cases)

Entropy Series No. 3 – Belgian-style Blonde ale aged in a pear brandy barrel. 750mL bottle, 8.0% abv. Released July 6, 2017. (64 cases)

Honorable Mention – Smoke & Wood-aged Beer – 2017 BC Beer Awards

Entropy Series No. 2 – Amber ale aged in a pear brandy barrel and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces, 750mL bottle, 6.5% abv.  Released May 27, 2017. (31 cases)

Entropy Series No. 1 – Belgian-style Blonde ale aged in a pear brandy barrel. 750mL bottle, 8.0% abv.  Released Oct. 30, 2016. (29 cases)

Gold – Smoke & Wood-aged Beer – 2016 BC Beer Awards






De Witte

A sour-fermented passionfruit wheat ale dry-hopped with Citra.

Time’s Arrow

Mixed Culture Fermented Saison with Local Honey, Aged in Red Wine Barrels

Tous Les Jours

Mixed-culture Fermented Table Beer

The Bright Side

Tart table saison with lemons


Saison with orange peel, fennel seed, and star anise

State of Nature

IPA with Brettanomyces


Abbey-style tripel


Burnaby’s own Belgian-style table beer


Hoppy blonde ale with grapefruit peel


A complex, medium-dry blonde ale brewed with a secret blend of spices


A Belgian abbey-style dubbel brewed with mission figs


A flavourful, balanced Belgian pale ale with an enticing aroma and a crisp finish


Belgian-style blonde ale with pomegranate juice, lemon juice and spices.


Czech-style Pale Lager


A Belgian-style spiced wheat beer


Sweet and tart amber ale with calamansi


Tart kveik-fermented ale containing no oranges.


Pear beer with cardamom

Forgotten Future

Table saison with black lime and white pepper

Sri Lanka

A Belgian-style dubbel brewed with tamarind and Sri Lankan kithul treacle

Field Theory

Dry-hopped Table Saison

Still Solo House Party!

Imperial Session Kveik IPA

Bizarre Celebrations

Dry-hopped, Mixed-culture Saison with Passionfruit and Guava


Old World Pilsner

Proximate Solitudes

Multigrain Dry-hopped Pale Ale

Sterke Soelaas

Strong Dark Ale with Raisins and Spices


Dry-hopped, Belgian-style Pale Ale

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Biotransformed Belgian/NE IPA

Dageraad ♥ Steel & Oak

Imperial Stout with Cacao & Miso

Birth of the Cool

Dry-hopped Mixed Culture Saison

Anno 2020

A Strong Golden Ale with Okanagan Pears and Coriander

A lacto-fermented Abbey-style dubbel with Montmorency cherries

Wet-Hopped Blonde

A Belgian-style blonde ale brewed with freshly harvested centennial hops


A golden ale brewed with pink peppercorns and rose petals


Winterstrength Witbier with Chamomile and Lemon Peel

A Moment’s Distraction

A New-World Dry-Hopped Saison


Belgian-style Session Stout

The Problem of Induction

Biotransformed Belgian-style IPA

Never Tear Us Apart

Bottle-aged Mixed-Culture Saison

Ko Lanta

Belgian-style blonde ale with lime leaf and galangal

Randonneur Saison

A dry, sparkling belgian-style saison

Solo House Party

A Session Kveik IPA


A strong, dark Belgian-style quadrupel brewed with unrefined sugars

Entropy Series


Belgian-style Pale Ale with African grains of paradise

Categorical Imperative

Biotransformed Belgian-style IPA


A Canadian take on a Belgian rendition of an English porter.


Dark ale made with caramelized sugar and orange peel

Anno 2019

A Belgian–style strong golden ale brewed with Keremeos pears and Indian coriander

A lacto-fermented Belgian brune brewed with date sugar

Birds of a Feather

Classic saison brewed with sage and cubeb berries

Velour Toboggan – Raspberry

Dry-hopped dark ale with raspberries


A dry-hopped saison commemorating Dageraad's five years of stubborn existence

The Pass

An interprovincial grisette brewed with juniper berries


Farmhouse IPA


A saison aged with brettanomyces

Cultural Exchange

A dry-hopped, mixed-culture fermented farmhouse ale

Murder City

Norwegian farmhouse session ale dry-hopped with Citra and Motueka.


Coconut porter seasoned with pandan leaf.

Eepa Rustique

Brett IPA brewed in collaboration with Brasserie Dunham


SEXTUPLE! Abbey Tripel/Double IPA brewed in collaboration with Sooke Brewing Co.

Lake City Farmhouse

Farmhouse-style ale brewed with spices.

Blonde IPA

A Burnabarian/Belgian-style India Pale Ale


Belgian-style blonde ale brewed with American hops


Belgian-style pale ale brewed with American hops

Rhythm Section

Saison brewed with spices.