Crafted in
the Belgian Tradition

Brewed in British Columbia

LATEST NEWS: It’s finally here! Our tasting room is now open for growler fills, bottle sales and tastings.

Wet Hopped Blonde



Alcohol per volume: 7.5%
Volume: 650ml bottle, 29.3L kegs
Ingredients: Malted barley, wheat, fresh hops, sugar, spice, yeast, water

For this very special, once-a-year version of Dageraad Blonde, centennial hops grown by the Sartori family in Chilliwack were added to the brew kettle the same day they were plucked from the bine. The hops add a fresh, juicy taste of local terroir to this classic Belgian-style ale.

Wet Hopped Blonde is fermented with a Belgian yeast and bottle conditioned for natural carbonation, and an extra layer of complexity.


Wet Hopped Blonde’s citrus and spicy flavours compliment salads and desserts, while its tartness and effervescence cut through fat and refresh the palate, making it a good counterpoint to heavier dishes. Wet Hopped Blonde is also excellent paired with semi-soft ripened cheeses and charcuterie.

Randonneur Saison

A dry, sparkling belgian-style saison


Alcohol per volume: 6.4%
Volume: 650 mL bottle, 29.3L keg
Ingredients: Malted barley, wheat, hops, yeast, water

The second release in Dageraad’s Single Batch Series, Randonneur Saison was created in the tradition of farmhouse ales brewed for farm labourers during harvest season in northern France and Wallonia. Peppery and hoppy, effervescent and bone-dry, Randonneur Saison refreshes after cycling through the autumnal countryside or harvesting produce in your own garden.

Randonneur is fermented with a French Saison yeast and bottle conditioned for natural carbonation, and an extra layer of complexity.


Saison is a classic food pairing style suited to complement almost any meal. Randonneur Saison’s peppery and lemony notes make it a perfect companion for seafood or salads. Its palate-scrubbing effervescence allow it to hold its own against stinky cheeses and fried food.

Randonneur Saison is unfiltered and refermented in the bottle.


A flavourful, balanced Belgian pale ale with an enticing aroma and a crisp finish


Alcohol per volume: 6%
Volume: 650 mL bottle, 29.3L keg
Ingredients: Malted barley, wheat, hops, yeast, water

Invented for the Liége exposition of 1905 to compete with British imports, the Spéciale Belge or Belgian pale ale style marries the complexity of Belgium’s beers to the drinkability of Britain’s pale ales. Dageraad Amber’s light malty sweetness and rich bouquet of malt and stone fruit are balanced by a hoppy aroma and a crisp finish. This beer was inspired by the experience of enjoying a fresh bolleke − Antwerp locals’ affectionate nickname for a glass of De Koninck − in the Dageraadplatz, just a stone’s throw from the De Koninck Brewery.


Flavourful and complex enough be interesting, but not so intense as to demand constant attention, Amber is an easygoing pub companion and an excellent pairing beer. Its rich malt flavour will compliment savoury-sweet dishes, including Indian and Malaysian curries, braised meats, barbecue and pub fare. The beer’s crisp finish and moderately high level of carbonation helps scrub the palate clean, preparing the drinker for the next bite of food.

Dageraad Amber is unfiltered.


A complex, medium-dry blonde ale brewed with a secret blend of spices

DAG_Blonde-Glass (1)

Alcohol per volume: 7.5%
Volume: 650 mL bottle, 29.3L keg
Ingredients: Malted barley, wheat, sugar, spices, hops, yeast, water

Crowned with a fluffy, white head and graced with a fruity, spicy, citrusy aroma, Dageraad Blonde is the pride of our brewery. A closer inspection reveals a note of nutty pilsner malt, whiff of noble hops, faint note of caramelized sugar and—when the beer warms—a sweet, floral breath of alcohol. And all that before you’ve tasted it.

This beer was inspired by Belgium’s incredible variety of strong, blonde ales, ranging from semi-sweet to bone-dry, that offer a huge range of fruit, hop and spice flavours. Dageraad Blonde gets its depth and complexity of flavour from European hops, spices and our house yeast.


At the table, Dageraad Blonde’s fruit and spicy flavours compliment salads and desserts, while its tartness and effervescence cut through fat and refresh the palate, making it a good counterpoint to heavier dishes. Dageraad Blonde is also excellent paired with semi-soft ripened cheeses and charcuterie.

Dageraad Blonde is unfiltered and refermented in the bottle and keg.


Dageraad is best served from a stemmed tulip or wine glass large enough to hold the beer plus 3 to 5 centimetres of foam. The ideal serving temperature of Dageraad is 6 to 8ºC, slightly warmer than refrigerator temperature. (You can purchase your own Dageraad custom glassware at our tasting room and our family restaurant Tangent Café.)

Start pouring Dageraad gently at first and then more quickly. This will cause the beer to foam, which will release aroma and improve the mouthfeel. Dageraad Amber can be poured out entirely, but Dageraad Blonde and all seasonal releases are refermented in the bottle, so be careful to leave the last centimetre of beer, which contains yeast. Yeast is rich in vitamin B and good for you, but can impart a bitter taste to the beer.

Smell the beer. The glass, serving temperature and exuberant head of foam are all designed to deliver maximum aroma. Be careful not to bring your nose too close; Dageraad is intended for oral consumption only. Sip, taste, swallow and exhale, and receive a second hit of the aromatics. Good, eh? Now stop being a beer geek and enjoy your food and company.

The Dageraad Story

Dageraad Brewing is named after the Dageraadplaats, a neighbourhood square on the east side of Antwerp, Belgium. The brewery is my effort to transport a small piece of the beer culture I found in that square home to British Columbia.

About ten years ago, during a youth well-spent tramping about the world on a budget, I met three Belgians in Laos. We became fast friends. Over the years, I’ve visited them in Antwerp a number of times. Inevitably, at least once each visit we would find ourselves in the Dageraadplaats (“sunrise square” in Flemish) drinking the legendary beers of Belgium.

Those first encounters with Belgian beers led me to try to brew them myself at home. Gamblers talk about beginners’ luck, because people who are unlucky their first time don’t continue gambling. It’s the same with brewing. My first Belgian-style homebrew was incredible – fruity, spicy, complex, but light and drinkable. I was hooked.


Interest grew into obsession, and I began a period of intensive study. I went to brewing school. I took two beer sabbaticals to Belgium. I crisscrossed the country, visiting breweries in tiny Flemish villages and in abbeys in the Ardennes. I picked Belgian brewers’ brains to discover what made their beer so amazing. And I returned to the Dageraadplaats again and again.

To the right you’ll find links to the nine chapters of the story of my exploration of the two questions I had to answer before I took the gamble of my life in starting this brewery: What is Belgian beer? And, can it be brewed here?My voyage has finally culminated in Dageraad Brewing. It’s nothing much to look at – just a couple of guys reveling in their modest collection of stainless steel tanks in a warehouse in Burnaby. But there’s something I learned during my visits to Belgian breweries: it doesn’t take grandeur in a brewery to make magic in a bottle.

— Ben Coli, brewer, Dageraad Brewing

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Brewery & Tasting room

+1 604 420 2050
#114, 3191 Thunderbird Crescent
Burnaby BC, V5A 3G1

Hours: Wednesday-Thursday 4-8pm
Friday 2-8pm
Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm

A five-minute walk from Production Way Skytrain station


Leo Nomoto, sales manager
+1 604 417 4285


Ben Coli, brewer / owner

Erin Millar, publicity