Old Slang

West Coast IPA

Alcohol by volume: 7%
Volume: 473 mL
Ingredients: Water, malted barley, hops, yeast

An old language of hop-driven IPA already exists and it’s good. In this beer we are faithfully reciting the old words. This IPA is fermented with a strain of yeast that is unremarkable, but that doesn’t matter because you’re not going to taste it. You palate is going to get swamped by old-school, piney, resiny, citrusy hops and assaulted by bitterness. And you’re going to beg for more.


Blend of Barrel-aged Mixed-culture Saisons

Union Graf

Beer-Cider Hybrid with Quince

Uncomfortable Silence

Dark Belgian-style Ale with Cherries and Brettanomyces

Enology Series No. 4 – Cabernet France

Saison conditioned on Cabernet France pomace

Enology Series No. 3 – Malbec

Saison conditioned on Malbec pomace

Tous Les Jours

Mixed-culture Fermented Table Beer

Rise Up

Dry-hopped Lager

Old Slang

West Coast IPA


Old World Pilsner

Sri Lanka

A Belgian-style dubbel brewed with tamarind and Sri Lankan kithul treacle


A strong, dark Belgian-style quadrupel brewed with unrefined sugars

Entropy Series


Belgian-style Strong Golden Ale

Daybreak IPA

Biotransformed IPA


Burnaby’s own Belgian-style table beer


Hoppy blonde ale with grapefruit peel


A complex, medium-dry blonde ale brewed with a secret blend of spices


A flavourful, balanced Belgian pale ale with an enticing aroma and a crisp finish


A Belgian abbey-style dubbel brewed with mission figs

Rise Up

Dry-hopped Lager